December 30, 2018 — today 

Zhanar was born in Moscow (Russia), and Dasha was born in Rivne (Ukraine), both in 1990. Zhanar graduated from Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (paediatrics) in 2013. Dasha graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in 2014, but never worked as an architect. Zhanar worked as a paediatrician for a year and a half. She graduated from British Higher School of Art & Design, BA (Graphic Design) in 2017. In 2013–2019 Dasha was a drummer in a Panivalkova band. In 2019 musicians split up and Dasha dived in the contemporary art field with visual art and performances. Zhanar has worked at Tsaritsyno museum-reserve as a graphic designer for two years. She is a tutor at British Higher School of Art & Design. In 2019 Dasha performed around 50 times of #outside_observer in Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Montenegro and India. Their pathways crossed when Dasha wrote to Zhanar and asked to participate in 15 Seconds of You project. Zhanar suggested collaborating and creating something together.