Unlock is a series of performances (three for now, one ahead) shot in Kyiv. Zhanar comes from Moscow to perform with Dasha. They explore different aspects of interaction from non-verbal to bodily. Performances naturally unlock different ways of communication (voice, touch), but not seeing each other face to face yet. The fourth performance will break the last wall.
Unlock performances #1
June, 2019
Dasha plus Zhanar communicate non-verbally via movements—swimming and dancing. Autonomously, but performing together artists hear each other’s movements or feel the water whirling; it is an indirect bodily experience.
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Unlock performances #2
November, 2019
This time most of the communication is direct—via crying out loud the names from distance or involving bodily interaction. Dasha plus Zhanar use the form of a game, playing badminton with a black cloth between them. They learn to trust each other—Dasha blindly falls in Zhanar’s arms. Artists help the trees hug, and thus hug each other. They also measure objectively the same distance with their own steps—the same procedure yet different outcome. Finally, artists meet in the underground with quite an evident hit.
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Unlock performances #3
February, 2020
The third interaction is intensive. It is based on bodily challenge. They challenge themselves (run race), they challenge each other (running and hitting). Dasha pushes Zhanar forward all the way from the underground platform to the escalator, whereas Zhanar stands on Dasha’s body, giving the accumulated energy back.
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Unlock performances #4
October, 2020
Dasha and Zhanar are moving towards each other in the same space yet with their own direction. Parallelly, perpendicularly, diagonally. Each performance is a reference to the ones happened in July 2019, November 2019 and February 2020. Finally, their eyes met.
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