From the beginning of the project Dasha and Zhanar created a folder in Dropbox, where they shared videos, photographs and sounds from their everyday life. They combined them to create works in motion. When they started to shoot performances, the collaboration flow changed from digital to physical.

Japan — India Flow
Z: Accidental screenshot video (Japan)
D: Video from trip to India (Varanasi, Sarnath)

Lisa’s Silence
Z: Lisa's recorded monologue. Liza is a fellow passenger
of Zhanar from Tallinn to Moscow, who was very talkative.
At the same time she carried a book with the name Silence
on the cover.
D: videos and photographs from Kyiv streets

D: Video with performances of Yoko Ono, Creep cover
by Eliot Sumner, 2 video versions of a final piece (Dasha
was not happy with the outcome and made a second
version of the same video)
Z: Creating one finished work from two Dasha’s videos

Adeline Talks
D: videos from swan lake in Rivne, Kyiv underground;
Adeline’s talk recorded in Rivne. Dasha met Adeline,
while she was  visiting her parents in a hometown

Dreaming of Spring
Z: body video
D: videos from Kyiv

Z: videos from Zhanar’s trip to Finland, Sweden and
Denmark — Zhanar specifically went on a one day trip
to see the The Øresund Bridge, connecting Malmö
to Copenhagen
D: videos from Dasha’s trip to Berlin, where she
performed as outside_observer; Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind
final scene; it was created right
before Zhanar came to Kyiv