July, 2021

After Dasha and Zhanar met, they continued to perform. The performances are site specific. They  explore places and its physicality. The artists are always connected — via objects, movement and eye contact.

Dasha climbs onto a heap of rubble and stands still. Zhanar climbs onto a heap of sand and sinks into it. The material properties dictate the actions.


Dasha and Zhanar take stones from one side of the rails, exchange them and go to the other side. The stones are returned from where they are taken. It is the indefinite action that has no beginning and no end. The stones remain on the same side yet they are transformed.

Zhanar blinks, and with every blink Dasha jumps. The passage of time depends on Zhanar, whereas Dasha's jumps serve as a stopwatch. Dasha has to count until 160. Time is beyond control both in life and in performance — the natural blinking goes on at its own pace.

Zhanar is leaning on the fence. Dasha is leaning on her. Being under pressure and standing still, Zhanar becomes a passive object til the moment when she steps aside.

The log is a functioning border for the beginning of the parking area. Dasha and Zhanar carry it from one side of the brick wall to another, where the parking area ends. The action seems to be linear but it is a loop — the log still serves as a border.